Benefits of Training with Kontek’s Mobile Shoot House

Aug 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Law enforcement and security personnel have ongoing challenges. Being able to train correctly to be ready for anything takes time and secure facilities that can mimic what could occur. This type of training should occur in a shoot house where realistic tactics and situations are able to be constructed for the most comparable experiences.

There are different variations of shoot house design. Because they are constructed to be realistic, they are made using materials you will find in these situations. The beauty of building a shoot house is that they can be customized for all your needs. Shoot houses are easy to design, allows for configuration of rooms, hallways, and doors at a moment’s notice, have weatherproof designs, and can be designed to look just like a building that may be under attack.

Mobile shoot house

Mobile shoot houses can also be called a portable shoot house. They serve the same purpose. The convenience of a mobile shoot house is that it can be moved based on the scenario. These shoot houses can be constructed at a low cost, which makes it even more attractive for team training. Mobile shoot houses are highly effective because the team doesn’t have to travel for training – the training can be brought to them. This is also good for agencies that have open fields for training. A shoot house can be built for specific needs and revised depending on situational needs.

Modular shoot house

A modular shoot house has many different areas that can be used at one time. Teams can break into groups and attack situations from many different angles. There are ballistic and non-ballistic shoot houses. They differ because the wall protection is different. One of the most advantageous things a tactical team can do is train in a shoot house that resembles a real situation where real warfare or intense situations are present. This creates the need for tactical training shoot house deployment where team members can build on everything they have learned and use those skills to see where they need work.

A simulated shoot house is a training environment where live-fire takes place with multi-functional targets in place to enhance the level of training of the teams. These simulated shoot houses are dynamic, with lighting and other components that look and feel just like the real thing. The instructors can watch and monitor from any point.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt