3 Types of Weapons Ports

Oct 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt


Our ballistic-rated enclosures can be fitted with three kinds of weapons ports, including sliding door ports, hands-free ports and ball weapons ports. The gun port you choose depends on the type of weapons you use and the application of the ballistic-rated enclosure. You may need to use a hands-free port or a sliding door port that may be better for your application. Our firing port engagement system allows for fields of fire and a standard field of view.

Our ports have a lock that is quick to disengage, which means that you are not wasting precious seconds fiddling with it. The ports match the ballistic protection of the structure and are made of weather-resistant materials. If you need an enhanced field of view, the hands-free weapons port and the ball-port weapons port provides this. The ball-port offers more protection for the gunner.

Sliding Door Weapons Port

A sliding port is a door that is ballistic-rated that slides open so that you can effectively fire back on incoming fire or other threats attempting to breach security. Our sliding port will protect up to .50 cal AP and is designed to match the ballistic rating of your structure. The lock, handle and slide system is easy to use, so you don’t waste time eliminating threats. Our sliding door weapons port fits into all Kontek weapons ports and has different mounting systems to replace non-Kontek weapons ports, even on flared walls.

Hands Free Weapons Port

A hands free port has less friction to open the port, plus that task is automated, thus saving precious seconds. Kontek’s hands-free weapons port provides protection from ammunition up to .50 cal AP and is designed to match the ballistics of your structure. The hands-free, dual-direction port allows the gunner to keep better control of his weapon for better aim and firing since he doesn’t have to fumble with the lock and slide. As with the rest of our ports, the hands-free port is made of weather-resistant materials and fits into any of our weapons ports. The hands-free port also fits non-Kontek ports by using several mounting methods and allows for an enhanced field of view.

Ball-Port Weapons Port

The ball port from Kontek also protects the gunner from ammo sized up to .50 cal AP and matches the ballistics of the structure. Also, as with the other ports, you can mount it on a flared wall. The ball-port weapons port fits Kontek and non-Kontek ports, though you may have to use a different mounting that is included with the port to get it to mount properly. This port comes with an adapter so that you are able to use training equipment through the port. The ball port also gives the gunner complete protection from incoming fire and allows for an enhanced field of view.

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