5 Uses for Mobile Ballistic Rated Enclosures

May 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

A mobile ballistic rated enclosure from Kontek Industries can be set up in less than an hour. This rapid deployment is great when you have situations that are constantly changing. Mobile ballistic rated enclosures need minimal maintenance and have a low cost of ownership. Use them as a temporary or permanent building or command center.

Transportation Facilities

When you need to regulate traffic going through a facility such as a canal or a drawbridge, use a portable guard booth. The control room is designed with ergonomics in mind because the employee will be spending his or her whole shift in the booth, which would normally be staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The office environment is comfortable and is designed to combat fatigue, even during the night hours. You have several design choices for illumination, acoustics, and placement of equipment. If the area you need security for is large, set up a mobile ballistic rated enclosure as a range tower.

Power Plants

A power plant needs a control room that is comfortable enough so that the person manning the room is able to ensure the facility runs smoothly. This includes nuclear facilities where the control room operator must be alert at all hours of the day. You can’t take a chance that the person in the control room gets tired toward the end of the shift and our ergonomic mobile ballistic rated enclosure helps keep your employees alert. Furthermore, a power plant should have a security booth with good ballistic ratings to protect employees in the event of a security emergency.

Emergency Services

When you need to set up a control center during an emergency such as a tornado-ravaged area, a portable guard shacks from Kontek Industries are perfect. Since the building is portable, it can be moved from place to place and set up within an hour, allowing people to take care of the more important activities such as helping those who were hurt and/or displaced in an emergency. These big guard booths could also be used as a dispatching office with ballistic ratings. Because employees will probably be working long hours, they are designed with comfort in mind.

Airport Control Rooms

Air traffic control rooms or towers may also be made from a portable ballistic rated enclosure. We'll set it up on a frame and steps so the tower can be above the airport to make it easier to see the runways. Because the traffic controllers must be alert, you’ll find that our guard towers are ergonomic and comfortable. We will design your towers with a 360-degree field of vision and make sure equipment places are laid out in a logical order in the guard booth. High-pressure jobs like this are made less stressful when employees are comfortable and less likely to become fatigued. The design of the control room goes a long way in ensuring that your employees stay alert.

Military Facilities

The military uses control rooms for many functions. At Kontek Industries, we design military control rooms to your specifications, regardless of the branch of the military you need it for. A portable control booth is great for Seal or Ranger simulations or to protect the base and the employees who work in security. The control booths are ready to be moved quickly and can be set up in less than an hour. If you keep sensitive documents in the control room, have the designers work with you to create a sensitive compartmented information facility. These can also be set up as range towers to monitor military facilities.

Contact Kontek Industries

When you need portable guard towers and security booths, contact Kontek Industries to discuss your needs and to design your mobile ballistic rated enclosures. Choose from control rooms that sit on the ground or are mounted on towers so that you are able to see a long distance, such as over an airport, military facility or national park.

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Michael Witt

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