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Best Uses of Ballistic Resistant Glass

Apr 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Ballistic glass cost depends on the type of glass you order and the size of the project. It is made from acrylic or several layers of polycarbonate. The more protection you need, the higher the level of protection you should order.

The ballistic glass itself ranges between $25 to $100 per square foot. Projects generally cost over $3,000 and include installation and various materials for the framed areas around the ballistic glass. Bulletproof glass price varies due to bullet resistant glass levels, the size of the project and what type of framing you will be using. Keep in mind that the framing has to be able to stop or slow down a bullet or the glass doesn’t do you much good.

The cost of ballistic glass may seem like it’s too high, but the lives of your employees are worth much more. In addition to protecting your employees, the glass could deter a criminal from stealing your money, especially if the area behind the glass is locked and more difficult than not to get into.

Why Ballistic Glass Is Worth It

Many types of businesses use ballistic glass for armored windows. Depending on your business, you will choose the type of ballistic glass. Levels range from Level 1 for gas stations and retail store to Level 8 for military bases and government buildings. Ballistic glass benefits are many, but the main function is to protect those in sensitive positions or those dealing with money, such as at embassies or banks.

Businesses and individuals use ballistic glass to protect themselves. A business that deals with money or, in the case of an embassy, is at risk for terrorist activity, are some examples of who uses ballistic glass. If you have a factory where you need to protect employees from parts or pieces of machinery that may get airborne due to a malfunction, you may have a protective layer of ballistic glass between an employee and a machine.

If you’re looking for examples of who uses bulletproof glass, you can find that in military installations, factories, shelters, embassies, on private vehicles for movie stars and music stars, and on the presidential limo.

Benefits of Ballistic Glass

The benefits of ballistic glass are many. First, it looks like regular glass. And, it protects against more than just bullets. The ballistic glass may be used in natural disaster shelters to protect against extreme weather. It may also be used to protect people from industrial disasters. Other benefits include:

  • Deflection of most calibers of pistol ammunition. Thicker ballistic glass protects you against larger caliber ammunition, including rifle ammunition.
  • Deflection from pressure waves from bomb blasts.
  • Deflection of debris flung from hurricanes.
  • Stops smash-n-grab burglars.
  • Can be made into one-way windows. If you have an area where you interview people who may be dangerous, have the one-way windows made out of ballistic glass. While people are generally searched before they go into interview rooms, there is still a possibility that someone could be hiding a weapon.
  • Can be made fire-resistant.

Before purchasing ballistic glass, be sure to discuss your needs with an experienced professional to determine which level you need and to help you plan the areas around the ballistic glass. An experienced professional will be able to set your business up with the lowest level that will protect you so that you don’t spend money you won’t need to spend on some higher levels.

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Contact Kontek Industries for ballistic glass solutions for your business or personal use. The ballistic glass is available in several thicknesses and types for various types of business or personal protection including retail establishments, vehicles, government institutions, military bases, warehouses, factories and more.

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Michael Witt

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