Bolster Your Security: Threat Assessments and Target Hardening

Nov 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

On a daily basis, facilities managers must remain vigilant to a variety of possible threats.

Violent and criminal activity at the facility site — or near it — represents a major area for concern. The potential for criminal acts may include:

  • Disagreements between employees or visitors that escalate to violence.
  • Domestic violence incidents playing out on-site.
  • Disgruntled former employees issuing threats to property or people.
  • Perimeter breaches.
  • Unauthorized entrance into secured buildings.
  • Cybersecurity incursions.
  • Theft of equipment, hazardous materials, proprietary technologies and other assets.
  • Serious terroristic attempts, including physical attacks on buildings, employees and visitors.

Additional threats can include fires, natural disasters, and various types of accidents.

Professional threat and vulnerability assessments can help facilities managers understand the particular concerns for their industry and physical site.

What is a Threat Assessment?

A threat assessment is an in-depth evaluation — performed by experienced professionals — of the universe of possible perils to a site, building, assets or people.

A professional threat assessment typically includes analysis and reporting on several key areas, including:

  • Overall risks, including natural disasters, fires and terrorist attacks, including development of plans for protecting sites, buildings, assets, critical infrastructure and people.
  • The potential for violent incidents, including identification, evaluation and intervention with individuals at risk of committing violent acts.
  • The potential for cybersecurity attacks, including identification and evaluation of potential malicious actors, as well as a plan for protection of networks and systems.
  • Active threats, including immediate danger from active shooters, terrorists, and other actors who may cause harm to life and property.

A comprehensive evaluation of potential threats includes analysis of crime history, relevant crimes in the local area, and threats that exist due to the nature of the industry, specific characteristics of the site, and any identified vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

Target Hardening

After a comprehensive threat assessment, target hardening is the next step toward achieving maximum organizational security. Target hardening refers to making a site or building a less-attractive target for would-be thieves or attackers.

Methods incorporated in an effective target hardening strategy for facility security include:

  • Physical barriers to entry, including alarms, locks, shutters, fencing and access control.
  • Observational enhancements, including multiple cameras in various locations and active surveillance.
  • Cybersecurity interventions, including firewalls, intrusion alert systems, and use of best practices in logon management.
  • Visible human resources, including frequent patrols of the site by uniformed guards.

A professional target hardening assessment reviews the current security measures in place and makes recommendations for layering additional, effective deterrents to site entry.

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Kontek Industries offers a range of defensive enhancements and solutions to support specific goals for protection of critical infrastructure, assets and people. Our innovative solution designs include precast foundations that do not require excavation, containerized products, and patented products.

Threat and vulnerability assessments, along with target hardening strategies, play key roles in our approach to quick response to any counter-terrorism challenges. We specialize in overcoming all obstacles — both internal and external to facilities and sites — to provide our clients with effective, budget-friendly, comprehensive solutions.

Through partnerships with a variety of organizations — including testing facilities, industry leaders and academia — we provide our clients with ultimate flexibility in protecting sensitive assets, sites and data. For more information about our organizational security solutions, please contact Kontek Industries.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt