CLD Fencing: Kontek's Security Fencing Solution

Jul 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Kontek offers a myriad of CLD fencing products to help you secure your residential or commercial property, preventing entrance from criminals and other threats and improving sense of security for those you're tasked with protecting. The most effective security plans consist of multiple layers of protection, starting with a high-quality, intentional security fence and Kontek Industries in partnership with CLD fencing provides the widest range of options to meet the unique needs of your household or your organization.

Perimeter Security Fencing

Many organizations that fall into critical infrastructure sectors require perimeter security fencing systems to prevent threats to the public. Perimeter fencing limits access to your property, keeping out trespassers and those who have intentions of doing harm and allowing security guards to focus on limited access points, increasing the efficacy of their guard. Fencing also serves as a powerful deterrent, turning away would-be threats to your organization and the public. For prisons, perimeter security fencing serves the additional purpose of keeping inmates, who may pose a threat to the public, on the prison campus.

Security fencing is also often requested by homeowners hoping to secure their private properties.

Benefits of CLD Fencing Systems

Perimeter security fencing offers a wide range of benefits to businesses and homeowners alike: 

  • security fencing increases the value of your property and makes your property more appealing to buyers should you ever desire to list it
  • it provides a sense of security for those inside, whether family members, staff members, or patrons, as well as added security for those outside in the case of prisons
  • security fencing is one of the primary components of proactive security; many measures are designed to intervene after a breach occurs while fencing prevents a breach before it occurs in many cases
  • aside from routine maintenance, security-fencing is an affordable, one-time expense that doesn't require monthly payments like many other security measures

The benefits of security fencing make it a solid investment for critical infrastructure business and homeowners alike and is often more affordable than you may anticipate.

Contact Kontek Industries

Kontek Industries is your North Carolina-based expert in security, offering both residential and commercial security fencing (with maximum security options for prisons and other high-risk industries). Take the first step by reaching out to the security experts at Kontek Industries today to schedule your security review and consultation. We specialize in evaluating your property and making cost-effective recommendations, reducing risks and increasing response to keep you and those you are tasked with protecting as safe and secure as possible.

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Michael Witt

Published by Michael Witt

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