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Jun 18, 2021 11:14:51 AM / by Michael Witt

Have you ever wondered how SWAT or other agencies are able to assess a situation and respond in different ways? That takes intense, simulated training. When you’re looking to train employees or teams, having a customized solution in place can help meet your objectives and protocols. A structured assortment of range training tools is beneficial in ensuring your team can adequately respond to any scenario.

Things are continuously changing in the world, which requires a higher level of training and assets to protect life and property. Every day, there are new enhancements to weaponry that tactical teams face that they may or may not have been exposed to. The ideal situation is to have teams trained for any situation, whether they have had military training or not. The worst thing that could happen is being caught off guard in a situation where no one is prepared.

That’s where customized, tactical training gear and scenario-training modules work best. By simulating real-time situations, tactical and police-trained teams will know and understand how they should react at a moment’s notice. There are different ways to expose these teams to different scenarios. The two most popular are listed below:

  • Custom Mobile Shoothouses

Having a shoot house to simulate actual situations enhances the team’s ability to pinpoint areas of concern and understand how to react accordingly. Kontek offers solutions that include a mobile shoot house and a mobile modular shoothouse that is expandable and customizable to every need. From observation decks to multi-level structures, anything is possible. With live fire training shoothouses, teams can learn under safe conditions.

  • Custom Range Barricades and Targets

Another necessary training module for tactical teams is learning how to respond when barricades are present. While indoor gun range options are good for practice, the ideal scenario is for teams to train with steel target systems under some form of duress. Range barricades, range targets, and tactical training wall customization is available, but organizations can also start with their own version of a range barricade for day-to-day practice.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt