Guard Booth Applications

Sep 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Guard booths, often referred to as watch houses, guard shacks, security booths, security buildings or even sentry buildings have a wide variety of applications. They are used to protect employees who may be in danger of being accosted because of the type of company they work for or because they handle a lot of money.

A guard booth or tower at a jail prevents inmates from getting at the guards. In a military installation, the guard booth protects personnel from the enemy. Banks may use enclosed booths in a mall or other area that a bank has a branch that is not in a separate building. Even residential facilities use guard houses for monitoring gated communities—controlling access to the community.

These buildings are made from galvanized steel and are insulated. Depending on your needs, you may order a guard shack with heat and air conditioning, controls for gates, lights and other functions. You might even choose to have bullet-resistant glass, mobile trailer mounting, gun ports and a built-in bathroom. Contact Kontek Industries to learn more about our guard booth applications and to discuss your requirements for security.

Ballistic Rated Enclosures

ballistic rated enclosure or BRE is tested and certified. Our BREs exceed design requirements and include the ballistic rating you require and weapon firing access ports that are rated to customer requirements. Our ballistic rated enclosures are low maintenance and come in several colors or finishes. The entry door features pull handles, a dead-bolt lock, weather and threshold stripping and heavy-duty hinges. When you order a BRE from Kontek Industries, we work with you to help you determine the best configuration for your operational requirements.

We offer ballistic-rated glass for many levels, depending on the level of protection you need. Whether you need something to stop a 9mm or something that will stop a rifle shot, we can customize your security booths.

Security Booths for Other Industries

A BRE may be used in many other industries as a guard shack, parking booth or even a prefabricated shelter. Guard shacks provide security officers who must be mobile a place to stay safe or get out of inclement weather. If the security guards have a larger property to patrol, placing guard shacks throughout the property so that all the officers can get to safety quickly.

In many cases, parking attendants collect money. With 7 percent of violent crimes and 11 percent of property crimes committed in parking lots, many lots prefer to have an attendant. If the general public knows that the parking attendant collects cash, a criminal could try to rob the parking attendant. Placing a guard shack with bullet-resistant glass at the entrance to the parking lot not only keeps your attendant safe but provides warmth on cold days and air conditioning on hot days. When criminals see a parking attendant in the booth, they will pass by and not bother the vehicles in the lot.

Contact Kontek Industries

When you need security, whether it’s for a military installation, nuclear facility, parking lot, prison grounds or even a parking lot attendant, visit Kontek Industries to learn more about our security booths. You may also want to contact us about building watchtowers and fire towers for large compounds and forest rangers. When you call, you might have a good idea of what size building you need, whether you want heat and air conditioning, if you need a bathroom and what you might need for electrical requirements.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt