How Gun Ports Allow Operators to Fight Protected

Dec 13, 2022 9:05:51 AM / by Michael Witt

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Gun ports are small openings in walls or doors that allow security officers to use their weapons while remaining protected behind cover. These openings are typically found in high-security areas, such as prisons, military facilities, and government buildings. Operators fight protected when utilizing gun ports because they provide a strategic advantage, enhanced accuracy, and they can be easily integrated into existing security systems. There are different types of gun ports that can be applied to a myriad of scenarios, but each style contributes to the primary goal of protecting the operator.

Strategic Advantage

Gun ports can provide a strategic advantage over potential threats because they allow security officers to defend themselves without exposing their entire bodies to danger. Officers can maintain a safer position and reduce their risk of injury by only opening the small, armored openings to shoot. Gun ports can be particularly beneficial when an officer faces multiple threats or is in a confined space where it would be difficult to move freely. Additionally, gun ports can be placed at different heights and angles, allowing officers to respond to threats from multiple directions without needing to reposition themselves. A strategic advantage can help officers maintain control of a situation and protect themselves and others more effectively.

Enhanced Accuracy

In a high-security situation, every second counts, and being able to quickly and accurately respond to a threat can be the difference between life and death. Gun ports enhance accuracy for security officers because they provide a stable and secure platform for the officer to aim their weapon. By allowing the officer to shoot through the gun port, they can maintain a safe distance from potential threats while still being able to accurately target and shoot. Additionally, gun ports provide a limited field of view, which allows the officer to focus on a specific area and reduce the potential for distractions. This increased focus and stability can improve the accuracy of the officer's shots.

Simple Integration

Gun ports can be easily integrated into existing security structures because they can be added to existing doors, walls, or other barriers without the need for significant modifications. Integration allows security officers to upgrade their defenses quickly and easily without the need for costly and time-consuming construction work. Additionally, gun ports are available in a range of sizes and styles, so they can be easily matched to the existing design and architecture of a building, facility, or enclosure. This allows for seamless and unobtrusive integration of gun ports into an existing security system.

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Kontek Industries specializes in gun ports and weapons system solutions for DOD, nuclear facilities, law enforcement, and a wide range of other organizations. Our custom fabricated enclosures are designed to protect your staff from attacks while providing a clear field of vision for counterattacks.

The GP1 enhanced sliding door weapons port engagement system gives operators industry standard ballistics and blast protection while providing enhanced fields of view and fields of fire when compared to other weapons ports. The GP2 is Kontek's hands free flush mounted weather resistant construction that helps prevent the intrusion of water, wind, and debris. The GP3 turret weapons port includes a ball module that provides complete protection to operators while allowing them to return fire from cover. The GP3-M turret-port weapon engagement system also provides industry-leading ballistic and blast protection and can be integrated into guard booths, barricades, walls, doors, windows, and armored vehicles.

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