Hardening The Target: Biological Attacks

May 19, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Biological attacks are increasing in frequency. Making sure your organization is prepared and ready to ward off any threats is key. This means taking target hardening as a serious component of your critical infrastructure protection. Many organizations use guard booths, ballistic-rated enclosures, mobile ballistic-rated enclosures, elevated mobile ballistic-rated enclosures, environmental enclosures, and tower elevated-ballistic rated enclosures. Environmental enclosures are designed to protect individuals and structures from the elements and encourage social proximity standards.

Target Hardening

Terrorism is alive and well. Knowing the techniques used when hardening the target makes facilities and employees safer. While most people think the word terrorism is related to a huge event, terrorism occurs all the time in smaller organizations. Knowing different target hardening methods can help prevent this. When implementing these types of methods, it’s important to know the types of criminals you may be dealing with. Some target hardening methods include having armed guards, while others may be natural barriers that prevent outsiders from seeing what is going on at the facility. Geofencing tactics are also an option to reinforce the target hardening measures implemented within the infrastructure.

Target Hardening Examples

Before getting into target hardening examples, there must be a threat and vulnerability assessment done internally and externally to determine the risks and threats. The first line of defense is to understand the target hardening definition. Target hardening is making sure your entire organization is protected from infiltration. That means making sure there are no employees willing to compromise your organization through malware or other means, and your external structures are strong. Target hardening is also used when considering natural disasters. For instance, people board up windows or use shutters when a hurricane is coming. They also have underground shelters when a tornado is near. When conducting an assessment, this will help pinpoint the areas that are vulnerable and really need target hardening protocols and measures.

Some situations that can occur include unhappy employees causing trouble, perimeter breaches, cybersecurity breaches, terroristic threats and attempts, and domestic violence incidents that serve as a distraction for infiltration.

Contact Kontek Industries

When you’re ready to fully understand how target hardening can protect your facility from the inside out, it’s time to start talking to the pros. The team at Kontek Industries has worked around the globe helping law enforcement, governmental agencies, and corporations create infrastructures that can withstand intruders or cyber thieves. It takes expertise and experience to understand the needs and capabilities of departments and organizations to provide the best course of action.

Kontek Industries has taken information from years past and infused modern methods and technology into designing target hardening programs that make a difference. It’s one thing to have the equipment in place to protect a facility, but not knowing how to use that equipment and where it can be best used is just as important. Kontek takes the time to teach and show organizations how to do this.

For more information on how target hardening can be a lifesaver for your organization, contact a team member today.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt