How Guard Booths Provide Needed Security for Employees

Jun 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

A guard booth or guard tower protects employees, whether they are used for traffic control or perimeter security. Guard booths may also be used inside a facility at the entrance to a restricted area. Guard booths are armored to protect the employee guarding the area in the event of a breach of security. They also allow security employees to conduct their duties without the fear of getting shot by terrorists. The guard booth may be customized as needed, but usually has electricity run to it, has plenty of lighting, and may even have heating and air conditioning.

How Does a Guard Booth Protect Employees?

A security building or guardian booth has many safety features. In addition to being made from armored material, it may have spotlights, security cameras, strong locks on the doors, a security window for checking identification or receiving documents and may even house a redundant computer backup for the security cameras. The safety glass could be made of many thicknesses, depending on what ballistic rate enclosure type you need for protection. This depends on the type of building you are protecting.

Windows could be sliding, have a small reach-through or may be solid depending on the level of protection and the visibility the guard needs to properly do his or her job.

Does Kontek Offer Security Solutions for Guard Booths?

Kontek Industries offers many types of guard booths for whatever scenario your security solutions require. For example, nuclear power plants may need critical infrastructure protection for its products and defensive capabilities to protect the installation against terrorist attacks. Nuclear facilities must meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s standards for safety and Kontek Industries is able to meet those standards.

Two of the nation’s most secure national security facilities also reached out to Kontek for booths to keep both laboratories safe from homeland security threats. We designed, manufactured and installed the most technologically advanced perimeter security enhancements based on the laboratories’ specific requests. Because the installation is a nuclear arsenal, security has to be top-notch. Employees must be protected in the event a terrorist tries to get into the nuclear facility. Defense capabilities were raised to the highest level of protection.

For another customer – an Air Force base, Kontek Industries replaced a security enclosure with a comprehensive security system that controls the entry and exit to the Air Force base. The new security enclosure is a steel-framed, bullet-ready enclosure with ID checkpoints, smart gate vehicle barriers and removable bollards to control the entrances to the base. This allows the base to raise its threat protection capabilities to the highest level.

And, Kontek Industries designed storage for critical weapons house at U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command Long Range Bomber Bases. We did this without attracting extra attention to protection buildings. The 1,500-plus modular blast barriers were installed in unique positions so as not draw attention to them. The project included critical weapons bunker doors that would protect weapons and personnel from shoulder-fired linear threats and massive blasts.

Contact Kontek Industries for Infrastructure Solutions

For more information about guard house design and range towers, contact Kontek Industries. We will help you design the special buildings needed, whether you need guard booths for entrances, towers for perimeter security or other ballistic-rated enclosures. Designing anything you need, even with the highest-rated ballistic glass is our specialty.

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Written by Michael Witt