How is Body Armor Made?

Nov 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Mike DonDiego

Body armor has been around for centuries, dating back to ancient tribes and warriors. In Europe, body armor consisted of metal plates, but technology has helped create what we know as the bulletproof vest and body armor vest. While there are some types of body armor made with very strong materials like metal, soft body armor is made from advanced woven fibers that is sewn into vests and other types of soft clothing. You may have also heard the term Kevlar, which is a lightweight clothing fiber that is five times stronger than a piece of steel the same weight. How Kevlar works is simple – it stops bullets from reaching the body and is very powerful. Other types of body armor are being developed, such as silk body armor, which is constructed out of spider silk. The result is called Biosteel, which is known to be up to 20 times stronger than a normal piece of regular steel.

Body Armor Manufacturing

When manufacturing body armor, there are a number of body armor levels which increase based on the components used. Right now, manufacturers are using different types of body armor materials to strengthen the current items on the market. Some of those materials include nanomaterials, where the material has been found to be so strong that even after testing the item had no damage. Additionally, a new 3D design is being manufactured for females which has darts rotation to help reduce the number of layers needed for the vest. There are real issues present in the manufacturing of body armor due to the need for high-grade protection.

Modern developments continue to advance and protect wearers against knives and bullets. These improved solutions have resulted in a lower bulk garment with reduced thermal resistance and the integration of a cooling vest and power source that allows it to be worn as standalone or with additional protection. Because of the enhancements in modern technology, body armor is now able to be worn as an everyday part of the uniform for military and police personnel.

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