How Much Do Guard Booths Cost?

Jul 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

How Much Do Guard Booths Cost?

Those looking for guard shacks for sale need to balance their budget against the quality of the infrastructure they need. Most manufacturers will price each booth out by its square footage, depending on the amenities and materials used to construct it. You can find low-range booths for as low as $30 a square foot, while the upper end can skew toward $150 or more. When you search for security buildings, you need to take into account how sturdy they are, the size and shape of the structure, and how the booth helps professionals prepare if danger does happen to strike. 

Comprehensive Guard House Design

The design of a guard house can have a lot to do with how employees feel about their job, and how visitors interact with the establishment. When you care about the look and quality of the booths you use, you have a better chance of getting more out of the people related to your organization. Guards in a security booth may feel isolated in any number of ways due to their position within the company, whether it's a physical or mental separation. Spending a little more on a guard booth can be paid back tenfold in terms of productivity and protection. 

Designing the booth means thinking about the people who use it the most. Guards may feel uncomfortable sitting in the booth if they're constantly in direct sunlight. They may resent the physical difficulty of conferring with visitors (depending on the configuration of the booths). When you buy a guard house that encourages a sense of camaraderie and comfort, you take care of the root of these problems for many years to come. Range towers and guard booths don't have to be as luxurious as a spa, but they should make guards feel welcome, supported and valued, In other words, your booths should be no less attractive or functional than your single most important conference room. 

Kontek's Guard Booth Security Solutions

Kontek sells guard booths that give our clients complete security solutions. Whether you're in law enforcement, nuclear power, or defense, we make custom enclosures that give your staff the means to do their job to the best of their abilities. During quiet times, your security guards will be able to maintain constant vigilance during their shift. In the case of an event, the booths will safeguard them while giving them a clear picture of impending threats. Available options, such as ballistic rated enclosures or a defensive fighting position system, can be designed specifically to meet your security needs. Enclosures may be permanent structures or mobile, depending on your needs. They are fully operational upon shipment, and fully compliant with all government and regulatory standards. 

Contact Kontek for Your Security and Defense Solutions 

Kontek is here to help everyone get the solutions they deserve:

  • Law enforcement: All levels of law enforcement can take advantage of Kontek's safe and effective custom-built guard booths. 
  • Department of Defense: From sea to air to land, we help all branches of the military stay alert to ongoing threats.  
  • Government agencies: A perimeter security strategy needs strong security booths to protect its team. 
  • Nuclear facilities: Staying in the lines of the stringent rules placed on nuclear means providing full security to everyone within the vicinity. 

Security booths and range towers may seem like a lower-level budget item, but the truth is that they serve a much greater purpose than many people realize. If you want to see just how valuable they can be to your organization, call Kontek today to learn more about our services and products. 

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt