Keys to Municipal Building Security

Mar 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

When developing security plans, there are three levels of protection to be addressed. The inner and outer perimeters, and the interior. This involves creating a viable plan to control intruders attempting to enter the property on foot or by vehicle; the doors, windows and walls; and the inside of the building. This can be accomplished by having security cameras, an alarm system, and strong locks and keys. Utilizing the concepts of territorial reinforcement and natural access control as part of your building security measures will assist in developing a security strategy that works.

Conducting a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

A good risk management team knows that one of the best things you can do when creating an effective security strategy is to conduct a threat and vulnerability assessment. This is when you identify, quantify and rank the vulnerabilities in the current system to determine the active or potential threats to the building. The assessment entails determining the level of building security already in place, whether it would be best to outsource the tasks, identifying the roles and tasks of the security director; how mobile the security team needs to be; access control; visitor management; the security of the elevator and interior doors, and parking security. No security strategy or plan works without doing assessments to see what you have in place, what’s missing, what you need and the steps for resolving the issues.

Creating a Security Plan: Target Hardening

Implementing soft target hardening drills to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what soft targets are is key in identifying, deterring and the overall prevention of soft targets that may affect building security. While many people do not understand the concept of target hardening, it is one of the most crucial points within the security plan. Knowing the types of threats, reviewing the soft target attacks that have already taken place, reviewing old techniques and developing new ones can help strengthen the existing levels of security.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt