Keys to Successful Tactical Training

Jul 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Many critical infrastructure industries are tasked with providing initial and ongoing tactical training to staff in certain roles. The most effective tactical training utilizes solutions that replicate real-life equipment and situations and teaches fundamentals like positioning and safety as well as advanced skills.

Kontek's SpecTrain program offers tactical training and critical application process as well as tactical training products to ensure your program is cost-effective and best prepares your team for response.

Tactical Training Fundamentals

While physical security measures like weapons, barricades, ballistic-rated glass, and security fencing are critical components of your security plan, they do little good without tactical expertise. Tactical training basics or fundamentals include topics such as mindset, choosing kit, ballistics, target identification, combat marksmanship, rifle theory, proper manipulation of weapons, special ops training, and shooting in stressful scenarios.

More specifically, appropriate shooting stances, applying proper pistol grip, managing pistol recoil may be covered along with a range of other topics to ensure effective security within the organization.

Tactical Training Safety

Security measures can quickly go wrong, putting more at people at risk rather than protecting them, when staff haven't received adequate tactical and safety training. Things to consider include: 

  • a consistent focus on the fundamentals in training; it takes mastery of fundamentals to become a safe tactical expert
  • preparation for lethal confrontations in which training mimics potential lethal force situations (and a strict avoidance of the "here's what you can expect in real life but for training purposes, let's just talk through it" mentality)
  • training with tools that work well on the move, in dark settings, and in the most stressful situations
  • training slowly until mastery is achieved and then working toward speeding up those skills so they're beneficial in a crisis situation
  • a strong focus on weapons handling skills, which are critically important in tactical safety and don't require live rounds to master
  • permission to hold one another accountable to safety by issue constant and encouraging reminders to follow safety standards when handling weapons

Contact Kontek Industries (CTA)

Among the products offered by industry expert, Kontek Industries, are tactical training solutions like Kontek's SpecTrain Program - with CORE Pistol and Rifle classes - and products like tactical training firearms and Kontek's Mobile Fighting Position (MFP) lite, which can be deployed in seconds and is small enough to store in the trunk of a vehicle. To take the first step in evaluating or improving your current training program for tactical training tips, contact the safety industry experts at North Carolina-based Kontek Industries today.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt