Courtroom Security Procedures: Tips To Keep Everyone Safe

Mar 31, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

When it comes to courtroom security, having the best protocols in place ensures the safety of everyone in the room. Having the right people in place who understand how to navigate in emergency situations is key. It all starts with the foundation and layout to provide access when needed and restrict others to avoid compromising situations. It all amounts to timing and training – when the right people, furniture and technology are in place, the risk is lessened. The amount of people going in and out of courtrooms each day continuously grows, as does the need for enhanced security protocols to meet the need of new technology that may render weapons undetectable. As technology grows, so does the intent to harm others from individuals who make it their business to skirt the law.

Courtroom Security Procedures and Technology

Courtrooms are always prone to some sort of violence. With the right security procedures in place and personnel who have gone through tactical training programs, everyone in the building can be properly protected. Custom fabrication of certain tools and technology needed to keep the place secure is crucial. It only takes a few seconds for things to quickly get out of hand. Having the right plan in place and emergency management protocols can only reinforce protection against the growing challenges and vulnerability of people in the courtroom. There are technology systems available for these types of situations, and to inject an additional layer of security within the courtroom. Every courthouse and courtroom is different, so understanding the vulnerabilities of each specific building and space can be problematic.

Courtroom Security Personnel and Training

How do you implement courthouse security protocols to ensure everyone is safe? It begins with the right security personnel. Although every courthouse has law enforcement officers, they should go through tactical training to be prepared for any situation. In most cases, the people who are onlookers in the courtroom are the most vulnerable. Body scans and other tools to help detect criminals with malicious intent are needed, although many people frown upon this. Although many in the public want to get rid of weapons carried by security personnel, the security procedures in place at most courthouses are not secure enough for this.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt