Kontek's SpecTrain Program

Oct 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Kontek Industries not only provides you with ballistic-rated protection, but it also offers tactical training and critical applications classes through its SpecTrain program. The curriculum is designed to challenge you, regardless of your skill level. Courses include CORE classes for pistol and rifle, critical application classes, precision rifle classes, site security classes and cover and concealment dynamics classes.

CORE Classes: Pistol and Rifle Training

Our precision rifle classes, along with courses for pistol training and rifle training, prepare you for CORE mentality by showing you the proper stance to get an accurate shot and continue through building accuracy and speed for gunfights. You'll also be able to practice shooting on the move and to move, stop and shooting.

The basic pistol and rifle training classes, along with the precision rifle class, help you gain confidence in handling both types of weapons. You do have to be 21 years old or have an adult 21 or over with you to take our weapons training classes.

CORE Pistol

This course is for first responders who use rifles or the homeowner who wants to feel more comfortable protecting his or her home. The course works on being consistent in a crisis. Whether you are a new shooter or have several years under your belt, this class is designed to further your skills. The beginner will start out learning the fighting stance and advance from there. More advanced shooters will learn additional skills through drill practice. By the time you finish the class, you should be able to react in a crisis.

CORE Rifle

The CORE Rifle course is also designed for those who have little to no experience and those who need a refresher or additional practice. The course is useful for first responders who use rifles and homeowners who choose to protect their homes with rifles. As with the pistol course, newcomers to shooting learn the basic fighting stance and progress through the course to become comfortable with the rifle. Those with more experience will get to work on fine-tuning existing skills. Drills that encourage accuracy and consistency not only help newcomers to shooting, but they help experienced shooters hone their skills.

Site Security Classes

Worksite security is an integral part of protecting your investments. Whether that site is a construction site with millions of dollars of equipment or warehouse with billions in merchandise, site security is an integral part of protecting your bottom line.

Kontek Industries’ site security classes will teach you to:

  • Assess and analyze situations to better protect the worksite;

  • Use tracking technology to track stolen goods;

  • Teach you to understand and interpret people to help prevent employee theft;

  • Provide safety and security training so that you can do your job with confidence, especially if your employer requires you to carry a weapon;

  • Teach security personnel how to monitor the perimeter and teach you what type of fencing is best to help protect your worksite layout; and

  • About installing hazard alarms, including smoke and CO detectors.

Learning more about securing job sites for CEOs and security employees alike increases knowledge, which in turn, increases your bottom line since you have a better chance of catching criminals breaking into your job site.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt