Nuclear Security and the Benefit of Guard Booths

Jul 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Nuclear Security and the Benefits of Guard Booths

Nuclear security takes into account all the ways in which facilities can protect their people, property, and surrounding environment. It's designed to address the many nuclear hazards that might occur, from the everyday threats to the truly unexpected catastrophes. Whether it's a terrorist plot or a car accident, security professionals need to be able to detect and prevent danger whenever possible and mitigate the consequences in case something does happen. The International Atomic Energy Agency has some pretty stringent guidelines on what exactly that means for the many plants around the world. See how the suggestions should influence the decision makers at nuclear facilities and how guard booths can make a difference in the general safety of everyone. 

Why Do Nuclear Facilities Need Security Buildings?

Security buildings are there to establish boundaries on a nuclear facility. They're positioned so people can see them, and so the security professionals inside can see what's happening outside. The main security building needs to have contact with all security booths on the nuclear plant. When it comes to industry standards, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission looks at everything from information security to material protection to domestic safeguards when the staff evaluates each plant. Having an efficient and functional security building is not a luxury but a necessity a facility can't afford to be without. The agency wants to ensure that all facilities are doing everything they possibly can to protect national welfare from all proximal threats (e.g., theft, sabotage, inclement weather, etc.). A security building can firmly establish the priorities of the facility and give all employees a better understanding of just how important protection is. 

How Does a Guard Booth Protect Nuclear Facilities?

A guard booth gives security professionals a place to work without exposing themselves to the elements. When there are several security buildings on the grounds, all linked together through a strong communication system, officials have a chance to share updates as they're occurring. Those staffing one building can get additional information to all staff, giving them a chance to prepare and plan for whatever happens next. A nuclear facility needs guard booths and range towers, so they can quickly address any visitors to the premises. If they do sense any potential threats to the safety of people either within or outside the building, they can request help or take action from where they are. Security guards are tasked with an extremely difficult job. if they don't have the resources to comply with their many duties, it puts more than just the plant employees at risk. 

Contact Kontek Industries 

Nuclear power plant safety is not to be taken lightly regardless of how well a facility has built its structure and secured its grounds. Kontek understands just how difficult it can be to control for a wide variety of threats which is why we give our clients the supplies they need to do more to protect themselves. Whether you're looking for a custom guard house design or a new defensive strategy, it's our privilege to give clients real peace of mind. Kontek Industries is not only well regarded in the industry, we also have an official partnership (CRADA) with Sandia National Laboratories. Our connection to the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration through Sandia makes us the perfect choice for nuclear facilities who don't want to risk a compliance violation. If you're looking for more information about how guard booths can help your organization, contact us today. 


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