Permanent Vs Temporary Security Fencing: What Do You Need?

Sep 6, 2022 9:04:01 AM / by Michael Witt

Security Fence

Security fencing is a common method of target hardening that has been proven to be highly effective for many facilities. Fencing is likely to be a key attribute of your security measures as it can help deter intruders and help maintain access control. This feature can be installed for many different purposes and timeframes so some organizations may be seeking a long-term fencing solution while others only require fencing on a temporary basis. To determine which fencing solution is best for your facility, you must understand the difference between how permanent and temporary fencing is best applied.

Permanent Fencing

Permanent security fencing is a long-term solution and provides a higher level of stability around a building. This kind of fencing is initially more expensive, but the value of protection provided can last for many years. Permanent fencing can be structured and customized to fit the exact needs of the facility in accordance with all necessary security measures. This fencing is installed into the ground which adds to its ability to last for a long period of time, but that also means that it can’t be adjusted or easily moved.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary security fencing or mobile fences can be utilized in a variety of ways for all kinds of organizations. Typically, they come in panels that can be set up and adjusted above ground. This solution is much easier to set up and take down and you can adjust the structure however you need to even after installment. A huge highlight of temporary fences is that they can be moved from destination to destination providing a low-cost perimeter security solution wherever you decide to take your project or event. This kind of fencing is low maintenance and a much smaller investment compared to permanent fencing.

Which Solution Is Better?

There is no fencing solution that will be right for every location so a choice will have to be made when considering what your needs are. The most beneficial solution depends on what it is being used for and for how long. The level of protection required for your facility can also be a primary factor in what you should choose.

Permanent fencing is best for any facility that contains sensitive material on a regular basis. Businesses can utilize permanent fencing as an outside barricade while also adding other applications to entry and exit points such as gates, guard booths, and surveillance systems. Schools, daycares, and public playgrounds are also great locations for permanent fences as they can keep children from wandering too far from safe areas.

Temporary fencing is best for short-term security needs. Construction sites gain a major benefit from temporary fences as there is less need for a permanent fence during construction, but these sites usually involve large pits, heavy objects, and moving construction equipment that can only be operated safely by trained personnel. These sites will need something to keep civilians away from wandering into potentially hazardous situations. Temporary security fences are also helpful with crowd control as well as containing and restricting access to specific areas during outdoor events, festivals, and private gatherings.

Contact Kontek Industries

Kontek Industries has partnerships with organizations around the globe that specialize in providing temporary and permanent fencing solutions. The permanent security fencing solutions we provide for our customers are some of the most technologically advanced barrier systems on the market. 

Our partnership with Perimeter Security Solutions provides next-level security fencing options such as the IFI-12 Mini Louver, IFI-14 Palisade, IFI-9 Severe Cut. and the IFI-6 Extreme Cut. These fencing solutions all utilize cutting-edge, physical, and electronic components to address all threats. 

ARX Perimeters specializes in offering physical barriers of multiple types. Each barrier is effective on its own. When used in concert with additional products in the ARX Perimeter line of products, you can achieve a multi-layered, redundant system that provides a safe environment for your people, places, and things.

Contact the office at Kontek Industries today to discuss your security fencing needs.

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