What Are the Different Grades of Ballistic Glass?

Nov 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Ballistic glass is the technical term for one of the highest levels of bulletproof glass. You’ll find it in many places, such as convenience stores and banks. There are many uses of bulletproof glass. There is bullet resistant glass for cars, and bulletproof glass doors which provide a high level of safety. One of the most important things to know about ballistic glass is that it’s not really glass but a bulletproof acrylic, glass clad polycarbonate or laminated polycarbonate with different levels of protection.

Why would there be a need for ballistic glass? Consider everything going on in society today. Banks are getting robbed, schools are having numerous attacks, and there are even attacks on police officers working in the field. With so many people at risk, having a bulletproof glass design is almost an essential way of life.  Watch our video about how ballistic glass can improve you facilities security and defense.

Ballistic Glass Levels

Bulletproof glass has a set of standards that must be followed and regulated. This helps ensure the right type of glass is put in place for every scenario. There are a number of bullet proof glass ratings to assist building and car designers when creating structures that call for bulletproof glass.. Bullet resistant glass has a standard of UL 752.

There are currently eight levels of bullet resistance, with each one providing a different type of protection. Level 1 can withstand three shots from a 9mm, but it can also provide Level 6 and 7 protection. It is easy to get confused with the UL rating system, as it is designed to consider the threat to humans, and not the materials of the bulletproof architectural glass. While many people hear the term bulletproof glass, they do not understand that nothing is perfect and this type of glass will only withstand a certain amount of force or type of weaponry.

What Ballistic Glass Do I Need?

It can be difficult when trying to determine the type of ballistic glass needed for a building, car or other structure. A detailed needs assessment is needed to determine the level of threat that may be present. In most cases, this assessment is structured to help withstand high-powered rifles.

While the UL rating has 8 levels of resistance, level 10 bulletproof glass is designed to withstand a buckshot shot gun of at least three shots. There are some areas that have the thinnest bulletproof glass with excellent results. Knowing what you need requires working with a specialist to make sure you are implementing the best type ballistic glass for your needs.  

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If working in an area or industry where the likelihood of being compromised is great, the top tiers of ballistic glass is recommended. For other areas that have a lower risk, a threat assessment team may recommend using a lower grade of ballistic glass.

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