What is a Remote Operated Weapons System?

Oct 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

What is a Remote Operated Weapons System?

A remote operated weapons system (ROWS) is a vertical platform that is blast- and ballistic-rated. The ROWS system allows users to defeat attacks and perform advanced detection and surveillance. A ROWS tower is a hardened platform that is able to employ lethal and non-lethal defense with minimal exposure and cost. Kontek Industries’ ROWS tower systems are designed to accept any weapons and surveillance technology and features up to 0.50 caliber armor-piercing ballistic rating. Our ROWS tower systems also feature a 105 psi exterior blast reflective pressure rating.

The ROWS tower system creates minimal exposure to threats and takes very little site preparation. You won’t need permanent concrete foundations for our towers if you opt for the pre-cast foundation. When you contact us regarding a ROWS tower system, let us know what situational, weapon and control systems you need and whether you want the tower to be networked or for it to stand alone.

ROWS System Components

The remote operated weapons system uses robotics, thus leaving the manpower for other tasks. You could also rotate operators more often, thus reducing fatigue. With the computer system, the operators are more accurate, thus reducing the amount of ammunition used and reducing the chance of additional casualties and/or injuries. A ROWS system component is an operator command and control station so that it takes one person to operate the tower from a safe position. Additional components include a training simulator for onsite training, a live-fire trainer and a maintenance trainer to train maintenance operators for the system.

With the command station, one operator is able to use multiple weapons, which increases the effectiveness of the tower. Because only one person is needed to operate the tower, scheduled shifts can be shorter, thus eliminating fatigue and increasing accuracy.

Common Remotely Operated Weapons Stations

The common remotely operated weapon stations (CROWS) features sensor suite and fire control software in a stabilized mount. This system acquires moving targets. The system, through programming, has target reference points for more than one location, does surveillance and tracks targets. The remote operated weapons system uses artificial intelligence and includes programmable no-fire zones.

Common Uses for ROWS and CROWS

CROWS allows soldiers to be precise when engaging targets and allows the engagement to be remote. The CROWS system is designed to be mounted on tanks and other vehicles. The ROWS system is commonly used in situations that require a tower. You might use a ROWS system in perimeter towers on military bases or prison compounds. Since ROWS allows for non-lethal ammunition, the system is perfect where the operators may not want to kill the target, but to stop the target from entering or leaving a compound.

Contact Kontek Industries

To learn more about remote operated weapons systems in our towers and how the ROWS system is able to reduce manpower, keep personnel safe, reduce fatigue and increase accuracy, contact Kontek Industries to discuss your needs. Let us know what you need in a tower and a remotely operated weapons system, and we will design the tower and ROWS to fit your needs.

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