What is Critical Infrastructure Security?

Mar 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

What is Critical Infrastructure Security?

The term critical infrastructure security refers to how we guard our nation's most important physical and cyber systems. If these systems were destroyed, they would have a serious effect on our physical or economic safety. This could mean anything from a public health crisis to a total collapse of the stock market. Whether you own a nuclear power plant, a religious institution, or a major shopping destination, you have a duty to visitors and tenants to keep them safe. The moment we skimp on this type of security is the moment we make ourselves vulnerable to countless threats. Understanding the best tactics starts with understanding the ins and outs of the structure you're trying to protect. We'll look at how critical infrastructure works in the real world and how it can apply to you. 

Target Hardening

This building security technique is the art of transforming a building to make it less attractive to potential terrorists. Criminals will usually look for influential or highly public buildings to go after to make the most impact. If there are enough obstacles in their path though, they may give up and move on. Successful target hardening means looking at each building the way a criminal might, from the landscaping to the general maintenance schedule. When it comes to making changes, it doesn't have to be an extreme measure. For example, you may just need to rethink the interior configuration based on the threat and vulnerability assessment. Anything you can do to reduce access to criminals can improve the security of the building. 

Counter-Terrorism Measures

Counter-terrorism measures need to be an ongoing priority for property owners. Because terrorists are constantly evolving their plans, you have to be doing the same. While the most likely notable buildings should be given top priority, nearly any structure is fair game. And it all boils down to your response to threats. Before anything happens, how defended is your building from the unexpected? While something is happening, how quickly can your team react to what's going on? After something occurs, what's your recovery plan? Too many property owners find that they're far less prepared than they believed themselves to be when it's all on the line. You don't have to work for the CIA or the FBI to learn the principles of how to keep dangerous people away from everything you've worked so hard to build. 

Contact Kontek Industries 

Critical infrastructure security really isn't a matter to take lightly, and no one knows this better than Kontek Industries. Not only can we supply you with the materials you need to make your structure more impenetrable, but we can also suggest specific products and strategies that will be right for your building. We know how terrorists think, and we use that to your advantage. Our designers anticipate both the common and uncommon events that can weaken a security system and come up with as many alternatives as possible. If one barrier is broken, you have more to fall back on. Ultimately, there's no such thing as a perfectly secured property, but Kontek Industries can make it possible to get closer than you ever thought you could. Contact us to tell us more about your specific concerns and get started on better security today. 

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt