What Is Target Hardening And What Does It Mean?

Jan 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Target hardening is a term used by law enforcement and military. Target hardening is enhancing the security of a building or facility by deterring and delaying threats from penetrating your defenses.

The idea is to transform the structure to make it look more difficult or unattractive to target. When it comes down to it, there are no buildings that are entirely secure from attack, but there are ways to increase security once you understand how the process works.

While each building will provide its own set of challenges, target hardening considers everything from the natural landscape to the number of employees before developing ways to counteract terrorism. Whether your building has received direct threats or you're just looking into how to improve your security, this could very well be the answer you're looking for. We'll look more at how target hardening serves as a way to both prevent attacks and mitigate the damage if they do occur. 

If you need help hardening the target, your building or facility, contact us for a help identifying how we can implement a target hardening strategy.

Target Hardening Techniques

If you're unfamiliar with target hardening, you may be picturing an underground bomb shelter or fortified bunker. But the techniques for target hardening don't have to be this extreme. The whole concept calls for designers to look at the building as a terrorist might. Those that are deemed high-value and easy to hit should be given top priority.

The most targeted buildings may include anything from well-known commercial properties to government buildings. As you consider who's most likely to attack and what type of weapons they'll have, it becomes easier to plan against the threat. Brainstorming should include ways to stop crime at every stage of the way. From the initial security to the internal processes for emergencies, attackers should feel thwarted at every turn. It could be as easy as designing a more complicated interior configuration to cut off direct-line access. 

Where is Target Hardening Used?

You may think that target hardening is primarily used in the big cities, but the reality is that it's used everywhere. Throughout the US, there are countless structures that take on significant meaning for people. While hard targets can include military or government buildings, soft target hardening can include any high-profile building. From religious institutions to shopping plazas, the point of an attack is to surprise people and sow fear.

The target hardening checklist includes looking at the natural surveillance, access control, reinforcement measures, and maintenance of each building. In other words, a building with plenty of lighting and visibility located next to a police station will need less target hardening than a remote location that's surrounded by hills or forest. 

Contact Kontek Industries 

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From signage to maintenance to building layout — it can all make a difference when it comes to whether terrorists decide to follow-through on an attack. We help you see where you're vulnerable, so there are fewer unexpected surprises. 

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt