Guard Booths: Mobile vs. Stationary

Sep 6, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Security buildings are meant to protect employees in many types of employment from guard booths in parking lots to towers in military installations. Guard booth design depends on what you need and your location. Booths may be mobile or stationary, may have heat and air conditioning—or not—and usually have electricity. A guard booth is not only armored, but it may also have locks on the doors, security cameras, a redundant computer backup for the cameras and even a security window so that employees may safely check identification. Kontek Industries even designs security booths that meet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s standards for safety.

Prefabricated Guard Booth

Prefabricated ballistic rated enclosures may be used for modular guard houses for private industry, the government, nuclear power plants, airports and military facilities. A prefabricated guard booth features welded steel construction and low-maintenance materials so the booth lasts for many years. Each prefabricated guard booth may have customized security features based on your location and needs. Prefabricated booths may be stationary or mobile. If you need to move your installation from place to place, you’ll want a portable guard booth that is easy to transport.

Portable Guard Booth

Mobile ballistic rated enclosures are perfect for small and large businesses that are on the move. A small business may move from one job site to another. They are also good for the military, whether stateside or overseas because they are easily moved from one place to another. These turn-key containerized climate controlled guard offices ensure that employees and troops are kept safe from gunfire and dangerous people who may want access to the property. And, having a guard booth is always a big crime deterrent.

Towers may be portable but usually are not because of the structure used to keep them high enough to see over the compound or, as in the case of a fire tower, over a long distance. Common places for portable guard booths are at the entrance to a facility’s parking area and at entrances and exits to buildings that require personnel to show identification before accessing the building. A portable guard booth may also be used as an office that moves from one installation to another if a business is not a stationary business or if a military installation moves from one site to another.

Stationary Guard Booth

You might need a stationary guard booth at a permanent installation, whether that is at the entrance gate or within the entrance to a building or an area of the building where confidential information or manufacturing is housed. These interior guard offices may be permanent or portable, depending on your needs.

Kontek Industries delivers turn-key guard booths and offices that are ballistic rated to the specifications that you need. Whether you need a Level IV that stops a .30 caliber armor-piercing round or a Level IIa that stops a 9 mm round, Kontek Industries will build a portable or stationary guard booth or office that meets your needs.

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Whether you need one mobile guard booth or several, or a combination of mobile and stationary guard booths to protect a perimeter and some interior sections of buildings, contact Kontek Industries to speak to a representative. We will help you design the booths for your specific application.

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Michael Witt

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