Target Hardening for Vehicular Assault

Feb 26, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Target hardening isn’t just for buildings. While most people only consider structural target hardening, there are instances where vehicles must be hardened to protect the passengers and drivers. These vehicles are critical in getting the people and items being transported to its intended destination. Target hardening is well known among law enforcement and the military as they work with threats and risk factors on a daily basis. For others, they may not realize certain structures or vehicles that are outfitted with specialty items are a form of target hardening.


Target Hardening

Target hardening is used for a variety of reasons in terms of vehicular safety. A few target hardening examples in this area include anti-crash barriers which are straight, wavy or concrete, and vehicles outfitted with bulletproof glass and weapons. Vehicle crash barriers are a must as it relates to infrastructure and there are numerous plans in place to ensure vehicles are protected from terroristic threats and other crashes. While these anti-crash vehicle barriers look simple, they are carefully thought out based on speed limit, height, and type of impact that may be sustained. Anti-crash barriers are needed as a form of protection for drivers, but can also serve other purposes. If there is a risk of threat, these barriers can work to keep certain attackers at bay while keeping employees, customers or other people safe from harm.


Anti-crash vehicle barriers

Anti-crash vehicle barriers are just one solution for target hardening techniques that are used everywhere. When planning for these barriers, engineers take the time to look at the landscape, points of access, lighting, proximity to other areas, and visibility. These barriers are usually found on highways but are used on regular roads and upon entrance to certain structures that require higher levels of security. Depending on where these safety barriers are needed, you may also see perimeter fencing, especially during sporting or large events. Perimeter fencing can be a viable solution for schools and other industries that may need additional protection from outside threats.


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Kontek Industries is the premier firm to handle all your target hardening needs. From structural to vehicular assault, we set the standard for how these activities and structural target hardening techniques should be applied. Putting the right plan in place is not as easy as it looks, so working with a professional team that understands the nuances and can provide guidance is key. Taking the time to fully assess and prepare for risks and threats by working with an experienced team can uncover scenarios you never imagined possible. The team at Kontek prepares for all scenarios that may occur, offering guidance and effective solutions, offering in-depth knowledge used by agencies and military installations all over the world. For more information on how we can assist in providing the best alternatives for target hardening for vehicular assault or structures, contact us today!

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt