The Benefits of Mobile Guard Booths

Oct 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

Guard booths are a critical part of your security system, deterring crime and protecting both your people and your infrastructure. If your company is on the move, if you need maximum flexibility in your security system, or if you need to be prepared to deal with security emergencies, then mobile guard booths are the ideal solution. These booths offer the convenience of being easy to move, so you can always place them exactly where you need them as conditions change.

You don't need to sacrifice quality for mobility. Kontek's state-of-the-art portable guard booths offer the same quality and protection that you would expect to find in a stationary booth.

Security Guard House Design

Every organization has its own unique security needs. It's important that you have choices when designing your security system. When you purchase a guard shack, you will find that you do have many options. Whether you order a custom-designed guard booth or a turn-key model, you can find the security guard house design that works best for your facility.  

Guard houses come in a range of sizes, from those designed to be occupied by a single employee to those that can accommodate a group of workers. You can select different options for climate control, doors, windows, counter space, lighting, and storage space. You can also opt for advanced security features, such as windows, floors, roofs, and doors that are blast and ballistic rated. 

Portable Guard Booths

A portable guard booth provides the flexibility you need to accommodate your future security plans. Whenever you are building new facilities, are moving from one site to another, or have special short-term security needs, an investment in mobile security will provide the safety that your company requires, even when conditions change. 

Portable guard booths can have features as sophisticated as those found in stationary booths. Mobile booths constructed to exceed high ballistic ratings can serve as emergency command centers. Easy to move and quick to set up, they can be ready when you need them to deal with sudden threats.

An elevated portable guard booth provides the advantages of a security tower wherever and whenever you need it. A built-in trailer makes it easy and quick to move the tower and stairs from one place to another. 

With Kontek's advanced security features, you never have to compromise on quality. The safety of your facility is our top priority.

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When  you need a state-of-the-art mobile security system to protect your facility, you can rely on Kontek Industries to provide the highest quality products at a cost-effective price. We have more than 150 years of collective experience serving nuclear power facilities, the military, and industry, helping them meet their security and terrorism-related challenges.

In addition to providing technologically advanced products, we also offer consulting services, using our expertise to help you ensure that your security needs are fully and efficiently met.

The right portable guard booth should be an important component of your overall security design. It gives you the flexibility you need to protect your perimeter in changing conditions.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt