What is Security and Defense Custom Fabrication

May 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM / by Michael Witt

When you need custom mission-critical solutions that use the latest technologies and are cost-effective, you want a company that has over 150 collective years in creating these masterpieces. Whether your industry is in the Department of Defense, you’re a world-class race team or you are designing protection for nuclear facilities, Kontek Industries will tackle those tough challenges. Our components will save you time and money in the long run and will provide you with protection for security and defense installations for many years.

Custom Fabrication for Security and Defense

Different companies need different defense solutions, even if those companies are in the same industry. What works for ABC nuclear facility doesn’t necessarily work for XYZ nuclear facility because of the difference in environmental and/or social factors.

Anyone from convenience stores and banks to police stations and minimum security installations such as prisons, factories, nuclear facilities, licensed firearm dealers and government installations may need ballistic- and blast-rated solutions for protection from terrorists, criminals and blasts caused by chemicals or machinery. Solutions that may be customized include:

  • Ballistic glass for protection from criminals, chemicals or machinery;

  • Ballistic rated enclosures for guard shacks and vehicle access points;

  • Modular blast barrier systems for tactical protection;

  • Elevated mobile ballistic rated enclosures for watchtowers and fire towers;

  • Mobile ballistic rated enclosures for vehicle access points or to use as offices or sleeping quarters in areas that might see gunfire, such as for border security. These solutions use Kontek proprietary designs and exceed UL 752 Level 8 and NIJ-IV standards.

  • Tower elevated ballistic rated enclosures for guard towers that may need to be moved from place to place. No excavation is necessary and the towers are portable.

  • Elevated ballistic rated enclosures for those areas where you need to view an entire compound.

  • Anti-crash vehicle barriers VK8m when you need to protect people from vehicles weighing up to 20,000 pounds at 50 mph.

When training and working on the range, you never know when an errant round is going to head your way. Our tactical training and range solutions for security and safety help prevent accidents. Our mobile fighting position (Lite) can be carried and fit in your vehicle’s trunk. This is also good when first responders or service members need to protect themselves against unruly crowds.

A mobile tactical training wall allows you to replicate firing from weapons ports. A personal defensive fighting position protects you from rounds including the .50 caliber AP round and is good for police or service members that need protection while walking up to a situation. These are made in custom sizes for each individual. Additional items that may be customized include range barricades, mobile modular shoot houses, modular tactical breaching doors, enhanced slide door weapons ports, hands-free weapons ports, ball-port weapons ports and remote-operated weapons systems.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is something that has become necessary for our way of life. Most people think of infrastructure as physical items, such as roadways, but it may also be buildings, physical and digital. Our custom defense manufacture process allows up to build customized security buildings and barriers for many things considered infrastructure, including but not limited to manufacturing and using hazardous chemicals, wired and wireless satellite communications systems, critical manufacturing, hydroelectric power as found on dams, nuclear reactors, transportation systems, health facilities.

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Michael Witt

Written by Michael Witt